Learn to facilitate group meetings
that teachers look forward to -
and that actually change practice
How would it feel to effectively and efficiently coach groups as they enthusiastically work together
to improve their skills and change the way they teach?

Coaching can be overwhelming and hard: you may have resistant teachers, too little time, competing priorities, mixed messages about the job of a coach, and minimal support. It's no surprise that you aren't always sure exactly what you should be doing or how you should be doing it!

Practice-Based Coaching in a Group is a research-based method for coaching more staff members in less time, with a profound impact on practice.

Practice-Based Coaching Group Facilitator (TLC) Training
March 15-17, 2021

Day One:

March 15

8 am -11 am PT

9 am - noon MT

10 am - 1 pm CT

11 am - 2 pm ET

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Day Two:

March 16

8 am -11 am PT

9 am - noon MT

10 am - 1 pm CT

11 am - 2 pm ET

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Day Three:

March 17

7 am - 2 pm PT

8 am - 3 pm MT

9 am - 4 pm CT

10 am - 5 pm ET

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Everything you need to successfully coach groups of teachers or home visitors!

This workshop offers all the benefit of a live, in-person training - from the comfort of your own space. Your trainer, September Gerety, has taught thousands of coaches.

You'll learn a proven process for facilitating group coaching.

You'll get all the materials you need, including a handbook and step-by-step instructions for your first four meetings.

You'll have practiced facilitation in a safe, supported environment so that you'll feel ready to try it out with your staff.

You'll be a more effective, more confident coach.

This training is perfect for people who are (or will be!) coaching multiple teachers at the same time, and for coaches who are leading PLCs or team meetings and want to level up their skills.

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Course Content:

  • Fitting group coaching into the larger professional development context
  • Setting up for success through systems planning and communication
  • Identifying the focus of coaching
  • Understanding the PBC-Group process
  • Using PBC-Group materials
  • Effective facilitation strategies
  • Planning for facilitation
  • Practice facilitation

Space is limited! Sign up today!

Training begins in:

  • 30
  • 10
  • 23
  • 07

*Note: In some contexts, the Practice-Based Coaching Group format is called TLC (Together Learning and Collaborating, or Teachers Learning and Collaborating.) This training is an equivalent to TLC Facilitator Training that has been updated to fit a wide variety of contexts and to make the materials more current and easier to use.

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