Successfully coach teachers and home visitors using our simple model and the skills you develop in this training
Practice-Based Coach Training
September 17-20, 2024
8 am - 11 am PT
9 am - 12 pm MT
10 am - 1 pm CT
11 am - 2 pm ET
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Overcome confusion and begin coaching with competence and confidence.

Coaching can be overwhelming and hard: you may have resistant teachers, too little time, competing priorities, mixed messages about the job of a coach, and minimal support. It's no surprise that you aren't always sure exactly what you should be doing or how you should be doing it!

This virtual workshop will build your coaching skills. It will reduce your stress and help you focus on what matters. We’re going to set you up to do coaching that feels great for teachers, coaches, and administrators (yes, it is possible!) and that actually WORKS.

Practice-Based Coaching is a research-based method for coaching staff members to implement effective teaching practices.
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  • You'll come away with a clear understanding of the Practice-Based Coaching model and how it can work in your context.
  • You’ll learn how to successfully support teachers and to use coaching to truly change the way they interact with children every day.
  • We’ll talk about how and when and why to do classroom observations.
  • You’ll practice engaging in coaching conversations that are authentic, reflective, and feel valuable to teachers, not like just one more thing that they have to do.
  • You’ll come out of this knowing how to give feedback that is honest but doesn’t feel weird or hard or judgmental – to you or your teachers!
These training days are about you: your coaching, your skills, and your connections with the other participants. You will be live and face to face with a skilled facilitator and a cohort of coaches, from the comfort of your own space.
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*Note: In some contexts, the Practice-Based Coach Training is called the PBC Training Institute, or PBCTI. This training is an equivalent to the PBCTI that has been updated to fit a wide variety of contexts and to make the materials more current and easier to use.
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