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Coaching isn't easy! Our webinars address common coaching challenges, providing specific solutions and strategies that you can use at your next coaching meeting.
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Planning Professional Development that Transforms Classrooms
Coaching When Nobody Has Time for Coaching
Effectively Coaching Resistant Teachers
Using Coaching to Respond to Trauma
Your 90 Day Coaching Success Plan

Sometimes a webinar just isn't enough

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You want to deliver instructional coaching that makes a positive impact on children.

There are all kinds of coaching resources and ideas out there - including these webinars! - but it can be overwhelming to try and piece everything together on your own.

Implementing effective coaching shouldn't be so hard. The Coach PD Project provides everything you need to coach successfully.

Stop searching, stop stressing, and simply focus on what works - it is possible, and we've made it easy.

Register for the Coach PD Project today and be confident that your coaching will support teachers and impact student learning. 

1. Join today

Signing up is simple via credit card or purchase order.

2. Participate online

Follow a simple, personalized plan that includes training, curated resources, and your own master coach.

3. Transform teaching

Be confident that you are providing teachers with the support they need.

What makes Gerety Education Team different?

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Proven Results

We have a strong emphasis on applying the research. We focus entirely on helping coaches engage in the behaviors that will actually change teaching practices.


We focus on a complete coaching system that works to change what happens in classrooms. Over the last decade, we've trained thousands of coaches who are making a difference for teachers and students.

Supportive Network

We begin with an understanding of the current reality in schools, and work with coaches to meet their goals. We know coaching isn't always simple and straightforward, and we support our member coaches every step of the way.

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Need more information?

We're happy to answer questions via email or set up a call.